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Isocortex Capital is a private equity investment company focused on supporting early-stage innovative startups. We use proprietary machine learning and synthetic intelligence algorithms to identify undervalued investment opportunities and invest for long term growth to create sustainable businesses that deliver exceptional value.

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About Us

We employ an experienced team of professionals to lead or advise portfolio companies in each of the industries we operate in. In addition to making active investments, our team also provide consulting services to partner companies and government entities, to lend our expertise to the development of education, healthcare, and real estate commercialization.

Industries we invest in

Our focus:

We operate a highly specialised portfolio of investments in three main sectors. We invest in exceptional individuals with a track record of success and potential for high achievement.

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We add value by investing in technologies and services that provide superior education to children of all ages. Partnering with proven leaders in education and technology, Isocortex Educational Services ensures the next generation have the skills to compete and excel in the world of tomorrow.

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Medical evidence and data-informed decision-making is at the heart of the consulting and professional services we provide. Isocortex Medical works with our partners to provide state-of-the-art and bespoke solutions that allow clinicians to make data-informed and evidence-based decisions about patient care.

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Isocortex Investments selectively invests in residential and commercial real estate opportunities in the GCC and Europe by applying proprietary machine learning algorithms to identify undervalued land and property.


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